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I am a Soka Gakkai Buddha - Westminster and Heart of London HQ Course

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Young Women's Division Leader, Naomi Cotter, summarised the course for us at the closing ceremony.............

On the Friday Nozomi and ed shared about the youth division gathering which is taking place next year.

6,000 youth will meet in 3 different locations across the UK

They shared the goal of each district taking 10 youth division to the meeting.

So my first thoughts are to really use my icchinen in front of the Gohonzon to make this goal reality and take this on as my own determination too. How? Ed reminded us of the four important points - strong prayer. Treasuring each person, aligning my personal goals and my pledge to Sensei.

Yas talked to us about the priest issue - We are all equal. We must say no to discrimination and inequality (in a wise way soft way!)

Justice in Buddhism refers to walking towards a target and repaying debts of gratitude.

Suzanne reminded us that equality in Buddhism is where we aim to raise our life state to the same level as our mentors. And Suzanne reminded us and encouraged us to single mindedly yearn to see the Buddha in our lives and single mindedly yearn to see the Buddha in the lives of others. And whatever we are facing - we need to have the resolve to draw out a greater life condition.

Kazou challenged us to become really happy by the 1st January and how to do this -we need to remember the three Gs - Gohonzon, Gongyo and Gosho and carry out our practice of 1 hour chanting a day, 20 minutes of study, make 3 people happier and have 0 complaints every single day. We must determine to trust ourselves and respect ourselves and then we will be able to trust and respect others.

Leon and Meeta shared with us the determination set by Sensei for the youth division (which applies to us all)

-Be the pillar of peace

-Be the eyes of respect

-Be the great ship of hope

And we need to practice with-

-the correct mentor (Daisaku Ikeda)

Itai doshin - many in body and one in mind

Good friends

- And Recognise devilish functions and just continue, don't give up this is the key to victory.....

Mr Morinaka said in Milan "Please promise to work with me, please promise to work with Sensei and pass on Sensei spirit to future generations ......."

We also had incredible experiences...

Sakshki's shared her experience and human revolution on how to keep persevering until we have won in our hearts and how viewing one's situation in the most positive light can transform our life state.

Ilaria shared with us her how she courageously fought to transform the disrespect in her life and how having the courage to start again from scratch brought about incredible benefits.

Fernando shared his great victories, where he set a clear determination and visualised exactly what he wanted to see which became a reality and also not defining ourselves by our job, rather than saying what we are or what we aren't, instead resolve - I am a Buddha!

Mirka's incredible experience of a huge challenge she faced with a new born baby, business partners that were trying to force her out - Mirka turned the situation completely with Daimoku, Study and Shakubuku and as a result took 15 new people to the Gohonzon.

Achariya reminded us of the debt of gratitude we owe to our parents and how we can support our whole family to become happy through our sincere prayers.

Max shared his experience on he became confident and strong through facing and overcoming a huge challenge through Daimoku, study and aligning himself with SGI members.

So to round up we just wanted to say on behalf of the whole HQ team - we sincerely hope you have enjoyed the course and that everything that you have heard over the weekend you will be able to take away and apply in your own life's so that you experience incredible actual proof and happiness in your own life's.

Thank you so so much for coming on this course, it would not have been possible without you all.

Thank you to the lilac team led by lilac Cheif Oksana

Thank you to the Sunflower team

Thank you to our two incredible action Chiefs Vinnie and Japhreet

Thank you to Claudia and Larissa for supporting us with the rooms and accommodation

Thank you to every single person that took responsibility

Thank you to the Soka team

Thank you to you all and after gongyo please get home safely and please remember that this course does not end until you have done sansho in your own homes.

Westminster & Heart of London HQ Course

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Don't miss this great opportunity to attend the Westminster & Heart of London HQ Course at Taplow Court

Friday 8th- Sunday 10th September

Download your application form HERE

Open Days at Taplow Court

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HQ Kosen-Rufu Gongyo

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