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Dedicated Dynamo

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Would you like to join the Dedicated Dynamo Team and help keep our Centre's clean? If so, here's your opportunity. The following has been composed by our Dedicated Dynamo Team Leaders and you can download the application forms here.

Thank you for the incredible efforts you have made towards the kosen-rufu movement, the happiness of each member and the people around you.

We would like to take this opportunity of introducing our joyful Dedicated Dynamo activity, which is open to both men and women¹s division, and can be joined at any time of the year.

The Dedicated Dynamo Group was created in 2007. The purpose of this group is to keep our precious SGI-UK centres clean and presentable so that everyone can feel welcome and cared for when they visit. At the same time, we Dynamos polish our hearts, deepen our faith and develop ourselves to become even happier people.

Dedicated Dynamo is a faith activity that takes a certain amount of commitment to appreciate the real benefits. As with Dedicated Keibi we ask that members try as best they can to commit to doing this activity once a month for a minimum of one year.

When we get together to clean and polish, we chant and study as well as share our struggles and joy. We also have the opportunity to meet other members and make new friendships, so that we can come away feeling a renewed sense of determination and connection with Sensei and our mission as Bodhisattvas of the Earth.

Many Dedicated Dynamo members have had actual proof and experienced great personal transformation through doing the activity. Moreover, we all have fun and enjoy doing it.

Please find attached application forms for the four centres and other more practical information.

Sensei¹s states, ³My greatest pride is each one of our noble members who strives tirelessly for kosen-rufu, accumulating ³unseen virtue² behind the scenes, whether or not others recognize or appreciate their efforts. And my greatest joy is seeing those dedicated members and all their families and loved ones enjoying brilliant lives of victory, enveloped in the ³visible reward² of complete fulfillment and satisfaction, transcending worldly praise and criticism.² (NL9120)

Please let everyone know that Dedicated Dynamo is a good opportunity to help open their own personal new era!

We look forward to working with you.

Thank you so much for your great support.

Yuki Davenne (SGI-UK National Leader of Dynamo Group)

Gina Langton (SGI-UK Secretary of Dynamo Group)



The Winter Hill Guidance

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Thursday 29th May is the 25th anniversary of President Ikeda sharing guidance at a place called Winter Hill with the group of men who had been involved in driving him on his visit to the UK in 1989. In addition to the drivers, there were other members there who had supported his visit in a variety of important behind-the-scenes roles, such as interpreters and keibi.

Winter Hill is a short drive from Taplow Court and in between his many activities, on 29th May 1989 Sensei was taken to visit that spot and share ice cream with the people who gathered with him. He also shared guidance about developing a life-long connection with the Gohonzon.

Below is the photograph of that gathering and the translation of the heart of the guidance that he shared on that occasion.

“In your career, which is important in making a living, there may be a slump period. In your marriage and studies too, there are times when you may feel depressed. Such times inevitably occur in your life. The same thing can be said for faith. There probably will be many more times when you slacken in faith. You may get tired of doing gongyo or daimoku but this does not matter so long as you continue to embrace the Gohonzon because the Gohonzon is eternal. You should not commit suicide when things do not go well for you. Similarly, you should not discard the Gohonzon when you tire of practice. Therefore, it is not always necessary to chant a lot of daimoku as long as you embrace the Gohonzon.



“Similarly, when a man and a woman meet and fall madly in love with each other, if, after they are married, they argue and divorce, it all becomes meaningless. The philosophy embodied in the Gohonzon is one illuminated by the eternity of life. At times, you may hold grudges against your fellow members; at times, you may have a rest period in faith which of course is not really good, but it may happen. At times you may skip gongyo and not chant hours of daimoku but the most important thing is to continue to embrace the ultimate Law of life, which is the Gohonzon.



“You may experience deadlock, which is comparable to being at the foot of a mountain, but, as long as you have the Gohonzon, there will undoubtedly be times when you succeed in climbing the mountain. Once at the summit, you can fully enjoy the open expanses on every side. This is the principle of changing karma, through which you can ultimately experience perfect freedom, even in future lifetimes. A plant or tree with well-established roots will not wither in the absence of sunshine or nutrition. So long as it is deeply rooted it can always survive and grow.”




LIPC Support - Daimoku

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Due to popular demand, our shop tozo will continue and will now be held on the 3rd Monday of each month, starting with gongyo at 7.30pm in Room 6, (upstairs butsuma).

The dates for the tozos are as follows: Monday 17th September, Monday 15th October, Monday 19th November, Monday 17th December.


London Ikeda Peace Centre - Support Teams Tozo

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Starting from September 1st, and every 1st Saturday of the month thereafter, there is to be a Support Teams Tozo, 2.00-4.00pm, Room 6, starting with gongyo and some guidance from the guidance chief to be appointed by Pete Morris. This tozo is for all members of the support teams who's generous actions ensure the continuous smooth running of the London Ikeda Peace Centre. All welcome.

Shop Tozo 1 week early

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Due to the Bank Holiday on Monday 27th August, the Centre will be closed. Therefore the shop tozo will be held on Monday 20th in the upstairs Butsuma between 8 and 9 pm. All welcome to join in and thank you for your continuing support!


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You are welcome to join the shop team Daimoku held on the last Monday of every month at the London Ikeda Peace Centre. You don't have to be a member of the shop team to chant for the shop to be a wonderful source of literature and Buddhist accessories, an essential aid to our activities for kosen-rufu and a steady contributor to the kosen-rufu fund.

Daimoku this coming Monday, 30th July will be with general chanting in the main butsuma 8-9pm


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It has been said that one of the best ways to clear the c**p out of our lives is by helping to clean our activity centre's. Here is just such an opportunity for all men and women's division members to join in! You will have noticed how sparklingly clean our beloved London Ikeda Peace Centre is, this is thanks to a small team of dedicated 'Dynamo' - fellow boddhisatvas who willingly give their time and energy, selflessly cleaning and caring for our centre. Although they do a fantastic job they could really use some extra help, so if you or anyone you know would like to increase your good fortune by contributing a few hours a week/month, please call The London Ikeda Peace Centre on 020 7837 3033.

 As President Ikeda says, 'By steadily continuing to exert ourselves in SGI activities, we will definitely enter the orbit of good fortune. Especially when we endeavour to do our very best in such activities despite our many commitments, all the greater will be the tail wind of good fortune that propels us forward. How wonderful this is! What a profound existence we can lead!' Faith into Action p211