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Joyful Study Meetings

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Grades 1,2 & 3 Study programmes are well under way, with many reports of joyful, relaxed meetings taking place across the chapters. Here's a snapshot of one such gathering held at a member's home one Saturday morning.

Grade 1 & 2 Study exam programme

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With the 2013 Study Programme well under way, you need to ensure that you've lodged your application form with your WD Chapter or HQ leaders by 20th september in order to sit the exam. However, you don't need to sit the exam to join in with the fun of studying. If you want to know where and when the support meetings are happening, you can download the schedule here,

Here's some encouragement from President Ikeda;

''Studying to deepen our understanding of Buddhism is part of our practice for attaining Buddhahood. It is something that goes beyond merely to pass exam. I hope that our youth division members will ponder the significance of this fact, and challenge themselves in their studies with courage, wisdom, tenacity and perseverance, in a way that is true to themselves as youth and as young successors of the Soka Gakkai.  Our noble efforts to study and practice the great teachings of Nichiren Buddhism will definitely bring us boundless and immeasurable benefits that will flow on to our descendants."

(Dec16, 2011, World Tribune, p.8) 

You can access all the study material HERE


Men's Study Campaign 2012 - The Wisdom Of The Lotus Sutra - 1st Instalment

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Calling all men of Westminster!

below follows a letter from Robert Harrap, introducing the next wave of Men's division study material;-


In celebration of 18th November, I am pleased to attach two documents: an introduction to the second men's division study campaign, and the first instalment of our second study campaign: President Ikeda's explanation of the opening line from the first chapter of the Lotus Sutra.

There are many reasons to study the Lotus Sutra, based on President Ikeda's dialogue ('The Wisdom of the Lotus Sutra'), but one key reason is expressed very clearly in this passage:

"Some say the prevailing mood in the world today is one of powerlessness. Whatever the case may be, we are all aware that things cannot continue as they are. Yet decisions about political, economic and environmental issues all seem to be made somewhere beyond our reach. What can the individual accomplish in the face of the huge institutions that run our world? This feeling of powerlessness fuels a vicious cycle that only worsens the situation and increased people's sense of futility.

At the opposite extreme of this sense of powerlessness lie the Lotus Sutra's philosophy of 'three thousand realms in a single moment of life' and the application of this teaching to our daily lives. This principle teaches us that the inner determination of an individual can transform everything. It gives ultimate expression to the infinite potential and dignity inherent in each human life." ['The Wisdom of the Lotus Sutra', volume 1, page 6-7]

I am very much looking forward to studying the Lotus Sutra with you over the next six months or so, and developing the confidence that our inner determination can transform anything.

Very best wishes,

Robert HarrapMens Division Leader, UK

Read the study material 'Discovering the Lotus Sutra' and 'This is what I heard' in the Documents section.

Sensei's message for Study exam

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Message from SGI President Daisaku Ikeda

I truly appreciate the hard work you have made for the study exam, which is a tradition in our organisation.

My dear comrades in SGI-UK, I can see how earnestly, courageously and tenaciously you are walking the path of the “two ways of practice and study”. There is no doubt that Nichiren Daishonin is praising all of you to the highest degree. You are so noble to have studied and practised the great Law, creating time in your busy schedule to do this.

In the realm of faith, any kind of challenge will come to shine as the best memories of your life and will continue to sparkle throughout the three existences of past, present and future as your eternal good fortune.

Nichiren Daishonin says: “To uphold the Lotus Sutra is to uphold belief in the fact that our bodies are the Buddha’s body.” (TheRecord of the Orally Transmitted Teachings,p. 96)

Thereis nothing greater than your existence as you live out your life for kosen-rufu and chant the Mystic Law. Because you are already a Buddha, there is no reason for you to be defeated or fail to becomehappy.

Regardlessof the result of the exam, I ask each one of you without exception to become “an expert in hope”, “an expert in happiness” and “an expert in victory”. Please win in this respect and open up a triumphant life for yourself and others.

I extend my heartfelt gratitude to the noble members of the support team and the people who have worked hard behind the scenes, encouraging those who are taking the exam.

Please stay well!

8th November 2012

Daisaku Ikeda


Grade 2 Study Campaign

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The latest updated version of the Grade 2 study campaign is now available to download from the documents page on this site

It is official ! The Photobook went to Daisaku and Kaneko Ikeda in Japan!

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It is official

©    The Photobook went to Daisaku and Kaneko Ikeda in Japan

©    The Photobook went to Robert and Michiko Samuels in Taplow Court

©    £110 went to KosenRufu Fund from some of the members who bought the book.  Thank you for your donation of your change to KosenRufu Fund.

©    Moving forward – yes you can order a book for yourself or your family member

The Photobook went to Mr & Mrs Ikeda in Japan

Max Longhin picked up Sensei’s book on Thursday 13 September from my flat.  He also picked up the thank you card that all the people who bought the book signed; as well as my letter to Mr and Mrs Ikeda.  We chanted.  We laughed.  We wrapped up the Photobook in lovely expensive gold wrapping paper.  I was so nervous wrapping up the book in lots of gold paper, he gently took over and together we wrapped the present for Sensei.  Max said he would take it with care and wrap a lovely big ribbon when he gets to Japan so the ribbon is bright and big.  I gave him a ride home in my fluffy boa covered car.  He delivered it to Japan and sent me an email and pictures on 21 Sep 2012, at 18:24.  Max Longhin wrote:

Hi Toks,

I hope you’re well.

I had a lovely time taking your book to Sensei!

It was warmly received and I’ll send you the pics in a few minutes.

I’m off to Brazil now for 2 weeks.

You take care of yourself and see you when I get back.

Warm hugs,  Max


On Sunday 30 September 2012 at 3.14pm I got a call from Yoichi to tell me Sensei sent a short message:

“Thank you very much – I looked at it – please convey my very best regards to everyone.”

The Photobook went to Robert and Michiko Samuels in Taplow Court

Peter Li and I drove the Photobook to Taplow Court to give to Mr and Mrs Samuels today 5/10/2012. 

We gave the thank you card signed by all the HQ Chapter Study Champions to Michiko as well as all the forms for Grade 1 and Grade 2.   It felt very symbolic that on the day we handed in our forms for the 2012 exams we also gave the Photobook.  And it was so auspicious that both Robert and Michiko were able to see us and stay with us for almost an hourlooking at the book and making lovely comments.  We also gave the Photobook as well as the £110 (in the pink envelope) to the KosenRufu fund from our HQ.  The contribution was made from the change left over from the sale of the books by 14 people who contributed their change.  Thank you very much.    We gave 4 things:  the Photobook wrapped in the same gold paper we sent to Mr and Mrs Ikeda; the £110 cash for KR Fund, a thank you card from the Chapter Study Champions, and all the forms for the grade 1 and grade 2 exams.  Both Peter and I enjoyed our journey there and back.  We were so happy reflecting on the wonderful moment with Robert and Michiko.  At Taplow today in front of Michiko and Robert and Peter I kept jumping up and down like a 3 year old excited about the presentation and seeing two very very lovely human beings.   WE really are lucky to have such wonderful leaders as a couple leading the movement in UK.  Thank you Robert.  Thank you Michiko.       

Moving forward – yes you can order a book for yourself or your family member

We need a minimum order of 10 I think to get a good discount.  So if you or you know someone who wants to order the book we can do a bulk order and get a good price.  If you cannot wait then I can order the book for you and you pay for it directly to go directly to your home. 


This has been a long journey but we said we would do it and we did it.  Thank you all of you for making my little dream come true.  Thank you all of you who bought the book and signed the thank you card we sent to Daisaku and Kaneko Ikeda.  Thank you Thank you Thank you. 

Thank you Peter Li.  Thank you Nick Evans.  Thank you Akiko Shimada.  Thank you Tomonori Goto.  Thank you Yuta Nagumo.

I am crying with joy in front of my computer now.  The project is completed.  Just one book left to give to LIPC Peter Morris.  

Eternally grateful for your belief in me as your HQ Study Representative.  I hope you feel I have lived up to this great activity and have done you all proud. 

May this Photobook blossom a Lotus Flower in your heart.  Nam Myoho Renge Kyo xxxxx

Love Toks xxxx

Toks Beverley Coker


Grade 2 Study programme - updated schedule

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You can download the latest updated study schedule for Grade 2 here  You will need to log in to view documents. Any problems with logging in please contact me, [email protected]

westminster women - theme for women's division meeting

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Is the News Letter NL 8277SG The power of our prayer to transform everything! You can download it here

Study Campaign gets underway in Westminster

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Grade 1 & 2 Study Exam preparations get well under way in Westminster. With all the material readily available for both exams, members are gathering together in a joyful quest to further deepen their understanding of the teachings of Nichiren Daishonin and the practical application of those teachings to our everyday lives. Whether you plan to sit the exam or not this is an excellent opportunity to gain even more benefit by actively participating in the study programme. To find out what grades and sections are being studied, where and when, check the documents section of this site to download the study schedules. These schedules are being updated regularly so check back often for any amendments or additions. Enjoy!