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Calling all Parents and Future Division Members

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I once shared the story of a certain knight of old to the young people of SGI-UK. The knight was captured in battle by his enemies, who overtook his castle. Ridiculing him, they asked: “Where is your castle? You have lost everything!” But the captured knight placed his hand on his heart and said with dignity: “My castle is here in my heart.”

I hope you will all build in your hearts castles of wisdom, shining with good manners and integrity, and castles of conviction, based on a firm commitment to truth and justice—castles as fine and beautiful as Taplow Court.



Dear Parent / Guardian

We are writing to let you know about this year’s Future Division Summer Courses.

For the Mimosa, Young Eagles and Rising Phoenix they will be one-day summer courses held at Taplow Court as follows:

Saturday 11th July, 10.30am – 4.00pm: Regional Areas

Sunday 12th July, 10.30am – 4.00pm: London Areas

At the beginning of each day we will all gather together for a brief opening ceremony and then split into our individual groups for the majority of the day. We will again come together at the end of the day for graduations and closing ceremony.

Accompanying this letter is the application form. The closing date for applications is Saturday 6th June. The course fee is £7.00. Please note there are different administrators for each group this year so that we can really take care of each precious Future Division.

We really want to pack the spirit of a residential summer course into these one- day activities and allow the children to build deep and lasting bonds of friendship together. To help us with this we ask that the Future Division arrive with their own individual packed lunch, as the lunchtime will also be part of the activity (there won't be the opportunity for a family picnic lunch). 

Building on last year’s activities: for those parents & carers who are wishing to spend the day at Taplow Court while their children participate in the Future Division activities we will be providing refreshments, the opportunity for Daimoku and study based activity in Josei Toda Hall. 

The Indigo Group are of an age where they often identify more with the youth division than doing activities with their younger brothers and sisters in faith. Responding to this we would like them to be able to experience their own one-night residential course this year, preparing them for their time in the youth division, and giving them the time to study deeply, share their experiences and get to know each other.

Therefore this year the Indigo group will be holding residential Summer Courses at Taplow Court.

Tuesday 4th- Wednesday 5th August: Indigo Young Men

Wednesday 5th- Thursday 6th August: Indigo Young Women

The closing date for applications is Monday 6th July. The course fee is £62.00

With Warmest Regards

Future Division Summer Course Steering Team

As a reminder the Future Division consists of:

Mimosa (girls 7-10 years old)

Young Eagles (boys 7-10 years old)

Rising Phoenix (girls and boys 11-14 years old)

Indigo Group (girls and boys 15-18 years old)


Information: Children's and Future Group Activities this Sunday

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Information on activities for all children under 18 years old this Sunday

For parents who have Future Group members (age 11-18yrs) ;)

10:30am meeting at LIPC Gongyo & Daimoku and talking through plans Leaving LIPC at 11am and walking to The British Museum - no money is required as we'll be visiting the public displays. Please could the future group bring some snacks for themselves so they can eat them on the way to museum. We will arrive back to LIPC by 1pm and Sansho. 

For parents who have Mimosa and Young Eagle members and their parents (aged 7-10 years) 

10:30am meeting at LIPC Create bracelets from SGI ribbons and beads; DaimokuStudy Sensei's guidance in New Voices section of May AOL + discussion and sharing experiences of encouraging others

11:15 Picnic -- food/drinks brought by all (bad weather: at LIPC / good weather: in St George's Gardens next to LIPC)

12:30pm Leave for bowling at 'All Star Lanes Holborn' (Victoria House, Bloomsbury Place, London WC1B 4DA, 020 7025 2676)13:00 Two bowling lanes booked for 1 hour at max 7 people each

14:00 Children & parents may continue to stay at the hall, or leave  The cost for the bowling lanes will be covered by the Central London Area budget. Any refreshments consumed at the bowling hall etc are to be covered by the parents themselves.

Future Group Kick Off 2014

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Mimosa, Young Eagles & Future Group Activities

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Our next Future Division activities will be held at the LIPC this Sunday,15 December.  The Future Group Meetings (ages 11 - 14 and 15 - 18) will take place from 10:30 am to 12 pm in the Upstairs Butsuma; And the Mimosa/Young Eagles Meeting (ages 7 - 10) from 10:30 to 12:30 pm in the Basement Butsuma. In the latter activity we will sing with the children the South African national anthem 'Nkosi Sikel'e i Afrika' (in tribute to Nelson Mandela who's funeral will be that day); and they will also be able to make and write birthday cards for Sensei, that Faith will take to Japan and deliver to the Welcome Centre at the end of December! The parallel parents meeting will be held in Room 1 from 10:30 am to 12:30 pm, and will be led by Mahendra.