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Report from Central London Area Men's Division.

On 2nd September 2017, Central London Area's Men's Division hosred a friendship day at Taplow Court to celebrate the completion of their summer course. Alex Golding, CLA Men's Leader sent the following report to President Ikeda;

Letter to President Ikeda;

150 people attended of which 56 were guests and new to the practice. I have already heard that several have decided to begin practicing as a result.

The meeting was filled with heartfelt moments, totally embracing those who attended in the compassionate light of Buddhism, inspiring them towards change based on Buddhist Humanism. 

Some highlights included:
A succinct introduction to the history of Buddhism and SGI with 10 minutes chanting 
A presentation by Vice national Women's Division leader Fiona Harrow. 
Full of humor and vision, her talk also included 3 people standing up from the audience to share their proof of 'Being the change'. It was inspiring.
A wonderful experience from Alex Perry, who mentor's hundred's of young people in London.
Music and song - performances throughout the day that touched people's hearts.
A talk on being the change, by SGI-U.K. Director Robert Harrap.
Exhibitions on peace and SGI 
A panel discussion and open forum, answering questions from the audience.

We offered a gift to everyone of a canvas bag with Be The Change printed on it and gifts from Taplow Court including a pen and introductory material to read.

The weather was beautiful so everyone could picnic in the stunning gardens and visit the house during the afternoon.
It was a most enjoyable occasion for all and a breakthrough for us to connect with so many new people on a profound level.

Our determination is that Central London will experience a surge of new members receiving gohonzon. Sensei, the men are leading the way, with your heart firmly planted in their ichinen. Our friendships and unity are blossoming, filled with joy.

Thank you so much Sensei

As always, praying for you and Mrs Ikeda. Be well.
Our gratitude and very warm wishes 

Alex Golding
Central London Area Men's Division Leader
3rd Sept 2017